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2010-08-15 19:21:41 by Wuffles69

I decided to tone my skills and make my own flash animations. see you next year, (delete this account, and my art submissions)


2010-08-10 20:46:21 by Wuffles69

My audio submission finally went through after a rough 2-3 months of judgment. During those 2-3 months I came up with a concept flash animation I decided I should work on. I remade the song to mach the first episode of the flash I want to bring and will soon post the concept animation on the forums for a collaboration assignment. I'll submit the final audio submission in 1-2 weeks. Don't forget, be a critic and leave tips on my audio submission.

Remember, it's my first submission, don't strangle my neck on how bad it might possibly be. I for one know it's pretty damn bad, but it's a start.


2010-07-21 12:22:46 by Wuffles69

Audio is still on the approval process, I'm going to submit like mad when summer is over.




2010-07-19 11:25:06 by Wuffles69

Hey everyone that even visits this page (lol) I just submitted my first audio, and am waiting for it to be approved. Hope you all like it. It's called "BrooksJingle", made for my friend Brook out of boredom, and a pathetic attempt to cheer her up. As my first song it's going to suck undoubtedly, but hey, even virgins have their bad firsts.


2010-04-04 22:28:44 by Wuffles69


-Turns out BloodyTears is too epic for me to alter. The original is better than anything I could do. It's a masterpiece and because of that I chose to stop that project. I decided I will make something original.